We promote infrastructure projects that flourish peacefully with the community

Services for companies

Services for companies

Social Baseline Study and Social Impact

  • Social Feasibility.
  • Social Impact Assessments (SIAs and EvIS) for SENER.
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis.
  • Participatory Diagnosis of Community Capacities and Opportunities.
  • Free, Prior and Informed Consultation with Indigenous Peoples.

Social Management Plans

  • Corporate Social Management System.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans.
  • Community Communication and Social Management Plans for Development.
  • Grievance Mechanism and Social Issues Resolution Processes.

Community Action

  • Community Outreach Model- &®.
  • Execution of Social Management Plans designed by ZEa or other companies.
  • Workshops and Community Awareness Campaigns.
  • Strengthening of business skills for Social Management.

Monitoring and Tracking

  • Design of social management indicators and results indicators.
  • Monitoring activities to adjust strategy.
  • Crafted Reports for target audiences: financial entities, government, general public, etc.
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